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A 3 'block' print. Black line work printed using a lino block, the greys printed using two cardboard blocks cut to jigsaw with the line work. Hand printed in a limited edition of 12  on acid free cartridge paper. Image size is 19.5cms x 5 cms


Free shipping. Prints are shipped unframed (frames and/or matte board shown on this site are for display purposes only).


Inspired by Hokusai  drawings /prints in his manga books which are printed in monochrome, I thought I'd try a monochrome grey/black colour scheme for this print. Call me strange but with my two favourite artists (Hokusai and Vincent Van Gogh) I am much more inspired by their drawings and monochrome prints even though I like the work both did in colour.

I do work with colour in my prints, especially my lino prints, but often feel uneasy about using it so I work more in monochrome and use colour only when the image really cies out for it.

SUN OVER THE HEADLAND> Lino/block print

SKU: LB104
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